Summer Sweet

23 Jun

No, that doesn’t say sweat.
It’s summer! Warm weather, sunshine, reduced responsibilities…this calls for a  treat!
It was difficult to choose which dessert I’d make from my long list (pinterest board) of desserts I’ve been wanting to try. Somehow I settled on popsicles; likely because my popsicle molds were brightly mocking me from my pantry, having sat unused for at least six months.
Out of the hundred or so popsicle recipes I’ve saved, I picked out the Berry Cheesecake from this compilation by weedumandreap because it seemed the most kid friendly out of all the deliciousness going on there.
This is a true indulgence, considering I bought real cultured cream cheese (Nancy’s) instead of going the non-dairy route. Frozen, organic blueberries from Costco saved me at least an arm, if not a leg, from the cost of 2.5 cups of berries. I went with just blueberries, because that’s what I like when it comes to cheesecake. I subbed raw honey for the maple syrup, only because I forgot to take my empty syrup bottle on my last trip to Marlene’s.


When I got to this point in the process, it was more difficult than anticipated to resist the urge to grab a spoon and have at it. I resolved to licking the (other) spatula for the time being.


Half of the recipe fit my popsicle molds, with perhaps 3 or so tablespoons leftover. Which led to…


Yep, shameless.

Enough to satisfy my sweet tooth long enough for them to actually freeze.
Now I’m debating whether or not to tell the kids about them…
What are you waiting for? Go get a sunburn tan and make some popsicles…because I probably won’t share.


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