6 Sep


Why is the title capitalized? Because I’m Internet-yelling. I’m that excited. You should be too.
Lunch is one of the more difficult meals to come up with new things for. Having a paleo family, we don’t do sandwiches; and romaine/cabbage wraps do get old after the 50th variation. Often times lunch is leftovers from the night before, but there is the occasion that there are no leftovers or I stuffed myself so full of chicken and sweet potatoes the night before that I don’t even want to look at the leftovers.
Thank you Pinterest for existing. As a twentysomething American female, I’m sure my DNA is encoded with the must-love-pinterest gene. Ok, ok… maybe it had to do with environmental influence and adaptive capacity,  but you know what I mean. Simply searching for “paleo” on Pinterest ends up with findings I didn’t know I was missing in my life. Like sushi. I read that some people use cauliflower rice as a replacement for the real thing, without fantastic results. Then one day I come upon a beautiful picture of sushi made by Megan of Freckled Italian; and I figuratively smack myself on the forehead for not thinking of it first- just omit the rice.
The very next day I find myself browsing the aisles for seaweed, and was pleasantly surprised to discover how cheap it is. Oh yes, I’m thrilled. Something new, out of the ordinary, and a near replica of an old favorite.
I didn’t actually make them for a few days, because I already had perishable lunch foods already lined up, and food waste has become a huge peeve of mine.
Sadly, I used up my ripe avocado before I made these. It would’ve been a perfect addition. Put whatever you like in your sushi- if raw fish is your thing, then go for it. I personally don’t have a trusted resource of fresh, high quality raw fish. So canned tuna it is. Chicken, smoked salmon, or shredded pork would all be great too.

First prepare the meat- whether that’s shredding it or adding mayo or adding seasoning. I mixed in a little bit of mayo (homemade is best and easy.)
Spread the meat in the middle of your seaweed.


About half of a can of tuna per sheet.

Then add toppings, spreading out but not getting too close to the outer edge. I used red pepper, romaine, pickles, and grape tomatoes.


Wet your hands a little to help the seaweed stick and roll as tightly as possible without tearing it. If you own a bamboo mat, that works too. I obviously don’t have one… yet.
Hold the roll as you slice it. I found using a serrated knife works best.


Eat those beauties up. But before you do, take a picture and post it to my Facebook page! I’d love to see how you make it your own.
Are there any foods you’ve eliminated from your diet that you miss?


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