You know you’re a foodie when…

14 Aug

… you hurriedly run for your camera or phone when you cut open/pull out of the oven/plate some sort of edible beauty in hopes of capturing the real essence of its perfection.
Something so simple…


…like a perfectly ripe fig making your busy schedule grind to a halt just so you can enjoy it fully with all your attention.
Or maybe it’s a new dish you labor over and aren’t hopeful for a good outcome; but then some miracle happens and it all comes together despite your doubts.


Fish tacos in cauliflower tortillas

Or maybe it’s a dish you threw together and haven’t given a second thought to until the timer starts beeping; and out of the oven comes something that does more than just feed you- it satisfies and humbles some inner part of you,  bringing tranquility.


Frittata with bacon, asparagus, peppers, and tomatoes.

Are you a foodie? Which is your favorite edible that gives you that warm harmony in your life?


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