Mongolian Beef

10 Aug

On Wednesday, I had a great workout at JTS as always. What was even greater about it this time was that my husband got to come with me. He’s been recovering from back surgeries for quite some time and is finally to the point where he can begin some serious steps back towards fitness. Having never attended a class, he was given (much needed) extra attention by the trainer, Steffany. I loved watching his attentiveness to her careful instruction on the proper dead lift form and her patience with his progress. It reminded me of when I started out so long ago and my complete cluelessness. If you’d asked me a year ago what a turkish getup was, I might have laughed and guessed it was some sort of outfit. Now I get a little excited when I see them written on the whiteboard.

Turkish getups are one of my favorite movements because even though it’s slower paced, it gets a lot of body areas all in one movement. Way back in the beginning, I started with balancing a tennis ball to perfect the movement (my husband used his shoe.) Now, I’m up to using a 25 lb. kettlebell. I think this workout had a good balance of short rests throughout.

Later, we cooked dinner together. Chinese isn’t something that we have ever eaten (whether bought or cooked) very often. We love Mongolian beef, sesame chicken, sweet and sour pork, etc. I don’t love the price of eating out, nor the unknown oils and additives in a kitchen other than my own. Then of course the highly respectable Paleo Parents solved it all by posting this easy recipe. We had everything except the flank steak and green onions, so it was easily written into the meal plan. I’m glad I had my husband cooking with me, things went a lot smoother than they would have had I attempted it on my own.


1 1/2 lbs. sirloin or flank steak, cut into 1/2″ by 1″ slices
1/4 C tapioca flour or arrowroot powder
1 C lard for frying plus 3 TBSP lard for sauteing (I used bacon fat, can also use coconut oil)
2 tsp garlic, minced
1 tsp fresh ginger, minced
1/2 C coconut aminos
1/4 C water
1/4 C molasses
1/4 C palm sugar ( I used honey)
1/2 C green onions, chopped

The sauce took it’s time thickening, but when it eventually did, it really thickened. It has great flavor but I would strongly suggest eating it over cauliflower rice as a neutral flavor to pair with it. Let me know what you think if you give it a try!


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